Double Doodle (Golden Labradoodle)

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Dog Breed Group: Cross breed

Height : Medium

Weight: 30 – 70 pounds

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Adaptability Highly intelligent dog

Trainability Easy to Train

Friendliness Friendly

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Double Doodle : Your Complete Guide To The Double Doodle

What is a Double Doodle ?

The Dual Doodle is an trusting and intelligent dog having personality and an look. They’re a medium sized dog with a favorable disposition towards strangers and loved ones . The Dual Doodle is called the North American Retriever the Dual Doodlepoo, along with also the Golden Labradoodle.

A mixture of two or more breeds (or, various other combinations of the Poodle, the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever), the Double Doodle is a cross between two more cross doodles- the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle, and hence its name.

Double Doodle Dog content overview

                        Double Doodle History

The Dual Doodle is a dog breed that is new and owing to this the breed doesn’t have a history.

The Dual Doodle is a hybrid created by mixtures of the Poodle, the Golden Retriever and this Labrador Retriever. That strain is recognized by the Dog Registry of America.

Hybrid dog breeds are phenomena that have taken off in the after few decades. Therefore many of these breeds have a relatively short Fact. However, the Labradoodle is arguably one of the founding father breeds as they are one of the first hybrids, created to fulfil a requirement.

                            Labradoodle History

The Labradoodle was developed for a guide dog that was sterile. The expression”Labradoodle” was used by Donald Campbell in his 1955 book, in the Water Barrier, to explain his own Labrador/Poodle cross.

He also saw a need for support dogs which were’sterile’, making direct dogs available to individuals with allergies. Conrad’s thought was to strain a Labrador Retriever — the guide dog candidate leading to the Labradoodle, Considering that the Poodle is a shedding breed of allergenicity

                           Goldendoodle History

The Goldendoodle is regarded as among the most recent of the”Doodle,” or Poodle mix, breeds. Following the Labradoodle along with the Cockapoo gained footholds breeding started in the 1990s.

Goldendoodles became popular in the 1990s in the USA and Australia (where they’re known as’Groodles’), bred together with the family-friendly character of a Golden Retriever and the allergy-friendly coating of a Poodle.

People are crossing kinds of puppies for millennia to reach character a specific appearance, or ability.

Different names or Types

Double Doodle  Other names

  • Double Doodlepoo
  • North American Retriever
  • Golden Labradoodle

Recognized Names

  • FCI = Fédération Cynologique Internationale


  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Appearance & Characteristics

Traits may be inherited by the Dual Doodle . Not all Doodles will inherit exactly the attributes which means some Dual Doodles could have more Retriever attributes, others could have a majority Poodle, Labrador attributes, and a few might reveal a combination of each.

Golden Retriever the Labrador, and Standard Poodle are weight and the exact same prestige, so it no surprise that the Dual Doodle is a dog. The coat is of moderate to long in length, tending toward the Poodle’s hair.

With three breeds’ traits to draw from, Double Doodles can vary quite a lot in appearance. Their coats range from straight to ultra-curly, but it is more often on the curly, wiry side.

Breed basic characteristics

Lifespan 12 to 15 years
Weight 30 – 70 pounds
Height/Size Medium
Breed Type Cross breed
Group (of Breed) Designer dog, watch dog
Coat Silky, rough, wired
Color White, black, black and tan, brown
Litter Size 6-12 puppies at a time
Temperament Loving, friendly, intelligent
Other Names North American Retriever, Golden Labradoodle
Good with Child Yes
Health Concerns Common hereditary health issues
Shedding No
Drooling Moderate
Barking Average
Originated in USA
Hypoallergenic No
Competitive Registration DRA


The temperament of the Double Doodle is dependent on the behavioral traits inherited from its parents.

Double Doodles are great for families. They are loving and caring. They also enjoy social activities. But while the highly social nature of Double Doodles makes them perfect for families with kids, this breed can’t be used as a watchdog. Double Doodles accept strangers with ease, so don’t expect them to protect your children.

That being said, a major contributor to such differences in behavior is the upbringing of the dog.

Face: They have a sweet face.
Eyes: Their eyes are button.
Ears:They have floppy ears.


The Double Doodles coat tends to be long, a little wiry, and defiantly curly. His coat can range from the usual cream, golden and white found with Poodles and Goldens to the black one would expect with a Labrador retriever.

The texture of the coat can vary considerably depending on the traits inherited. Some of these dogs will have silky, wavy coats Ala the Golden Retriever, while others may have more coarse, wiry coats like that of the Poodle.

Shedding : low-shedding

Color and Markings

These dogs can have a variety of coat color possibilities due to their mixed heritage.

  • Golden.
  • Silver.
  • Black.
  • Tan.
  • White.
  • Cream.
  • Brown.
  • Chocolate.
  • Red.

Coat Color and Markings

Double Doodle coat color ranges from white to black, with the creamy color of a yellow lab, the brown color of a chocolate lab, and the golden color of a Golden Retriever serving as the colors in between.

Personality and Temperament

Personality of Double Doodle

Double Doodles are gentle and amicable dogs who love to please their family. They demand attention from their owner and mingle well with kids and other dogs. It is a good watchdog and barks at strangers to alert people.

Double Doodles are high energy dogs which like to receive a lot of stimulation. When socialized properly, they do great on walks meeting strangers and other dogs. They love going on trips to dog parks or spending time in the yard with the family.


The Double Doodle is a loyal and loving dog, very friendly and very intelligent. He has a lot of energy and is playful and sociable. He can be hyper sometimes but is quite adaptable and smaller Doodles can easily live in apartments though exercise is vital.

The temperament of the Double Doodle is dependent on the behavioral traits inherited from its parents. Some Double Doodles will inherit a majority of traits from the Labrador, others the Golden Retriever, some the Poodle, and some will have a mix of behaviors inherited from each of its parent breeds.

Activity Requirements

Double Doodles are known for being very active with a high energy level. The likes to be kept busy and doesn’t appreciate being left alone for long periods of time. When at home, they need space to move around, which means a good sized house with a garden is essential.

The Double Doodle needs a consistent amount of exercise and long walks. Ideally, they need time off the lead to sniff, chase, and retrieve objects, which makes playing ball an ideal occupation. They need the opportunity to do this every day, not just at weekends.

Behavioral Traits

As a hybrid dog the Double Doodle will inherit physical and behavioral traits of each of its three parent breeds.

Chewing on things they shouldn’t is a common behavioral problem when a dog gets bored, so exercise will prevent this.

Behavioral issues and disobedience are common in Double Doodles that don’t get the chance to expend their energy. Regular exercise will keep both the dog and the owner happy and healthy.


The Double Doodle is descended from working breeds that were adept at taking instruction from their handler. This trait, combined with their intelligence and eagerness to please, makes them highly trainable.

It is a rare Double Doodle that is not food motivated, which means they respond readily to reward-based training. This method encourages the dog to listen and be obedient, by praising and rewarding good behaviour.

Health & problems

Double Doodle health & problems

As a hybrid dog breed, the Double Doodle will have more genetic diversity than its purebred ancestors which helps with the breed’s health and hardiness.

There are potential hereditary health issues the Double Doodle may pick up from the Lab, the Poodle or the Golden Retriever. These might include Addison’s disease, bloat, Cushing’s disease, epilepsy, heart problems, Skin problems, eye problems, patellar luxation, joint dysplasia, OCD, allergies, ear infections and cold tail.

Feeding Plan

Consult the breeder regarding the accurate food for Double Doodles. High-quality dry dog food can be given one to two cups for puppies and up to 3 cups for adults, split them into two meals.

Begin with pet food that the breeder was feeding. You can feed it with Fromm. Also, Innova Evo, Solid Gold and Blue Wilderness (that is made by Blue Buffalo) are included in the top notch food-list too.

Living conditions

The Double Doodle has been bred to enjoy family life and certainly is a pet suitable for suburban living.

Given their capacity for games, a home with a yard would probably be a Double Doodle’s first Election, but these dogs can adapt to a wide variety of living environments.

As such, they are not ideal for apartment living as their high levels of energy leave them with a desire for large, open spaces and lots of activities.

How to take care of Double Doodle ?

How much exercise need for Double Doodle ?

These dogs are fairly energetic and should be exercised daily to prevent their excess energy from being used to fuel unwanted habits such as chewing, digging, and barking.

The walks will help exercise your dog as well as stimulate his mind with different surroundings and smells. And the playtime will promote bonding as well as exercise.

Playing fetch in the yard will not be enough; these dogs will need a moderate to long walk each day.

Grooming & Brushing

With each individual varying differently, these dogs might have curly to silky to wiry coat, with the straighter variety needing less brushing. Also, at times, brush their teeth their teeth, clip their nails and check their ears, eyes and skin for rashes or infections.

The Double Doodle can inherit the coat from either the Poodle or the Labrador/Golden Retriever. Double Doodles that inherit the Poodle coat.

Depending on their skin type, Double Doodles require moderate maintenance. The curly skin will need occasional brushing while the straight one requires lesser brushing. Clean and wipe their eyes and ears and brush their teeth.

Dental Health check up

Caring for your pup’s dental health is as important as caring for his eye discharges or his excessive shedding.

He should be brushed at least twice a week, if not every day and hence it is important to have a lot of knowledge regarding dental care for dogs.

Love & affection

Double Doodles are Gentleman and amicable dogs who love to please their family. They are active dogs that love to play and go for long walks. But, they also crave your attention and love.

Their love for humans is plain to see and they make for wonderful family pets. They love going on trips to dog parks or spending time in the yard with the family.

Feed Healthy food

Finally, seek advice from your vet regarding food and special requirements related to the age of your dog.

The Mean Double Doodle will do well on high-quality dry food for dogs that is appropriate for his size and activity level.

Double Doodles are medium-sized dogs with a high level of energy which means they can put away a fair amount of food. It’s recommended to feed a fully-grown Double Doodle About 2.5 to 3 cups of dry food daily. The amount of food will vary depending on their age and the overall size of the dog.

The following items should never be feed to Double Doodle 

  • Alcohol, beer, wine or liquor
  • Chocolate, coffee, or tea
  • Grapes or raisins
  • Moldy or spoiled food of any kind
  • Onions, chives, and garlic
  • Poultry bones
  • Salt & salty foods
  • Tomato leaves stem or unripe fruit
  • Yeast dough

Puppy information

Double Doodle Puppy Training

Double Doodles are smart in learning new tricks and can improve steadily if the owner invests time and energy. With obedience and socialization skills, the dog will behave appropriately and listen to its master’s commands. As a pack leader, the owner must use positive methods like praises and treats during the training sessions.

Double Doodles are great family dogs when socialized and trained from an early age. Double Doodles are so discreet that hardly any training is needed. They learn quickly and are loyal to their family members.

Behavioral training

Training is important for any dog. This training is valuable for your dog. To start with, if you would like to train your pet into behavioral instruction to learn some common behavioral problems like breaking up, aggression, food guarding, crying, mouthing and chewinggum, separation anxiety, etc and prevent this behavioral problems and educate your dog easily.

Obedience training

Basic obedience commands allow you to keep track of your Double Doodle , prevent some behavioral issues, and help with grooming.

Obedience training is all time appropriate outing as it enables your Double Doodle dog to study their social skills and show off their enthusiasm for life. With proper training, they can excel in canine sports, such as obedience and rally, and they can make good therapy dogs.


He is also usually good with other pets and dogs though socialization and training is key here. That does not mean he does not need training or socialization just because he is smart. Fortunately, he is a keen-to-please type of dog who will respond well in both obedience and socialization training. With obedience and socialization skills, the dog will behave appropriately and listen to its master’s commands.

Double Doodle Dog puppies for sale

How much Double Doodle  puppy price ?

The average cost of a Double Doodle is $1,500.

Double Doodle puppies for sale

Things to consider adopting a Double Doodle

If you’re seriously considering adopting a Double Doodle, you should know.

  • Before you adopt a Double Doodle dog, consider how much time your new family member will spend alone. Remember, a puppy requires constant attention.
  • Before you adopt a puppy, ask yourself if you are available to walk your dog several times throughout the day.
  • You also have the advantage of knowing that your dog is physically able to “hold it” for several hours at a stretch.
  • Ask anybody who has adopted an adult dog then after adopts an adult dog.
  • If you’re unsure of whether the new dog you’ve chosen is right for your family and lifestyle, consider fostering before making a commitment.

Advantages of Double Doodle

  • Double Doodles are extremely intelligent.
  • They are open.
  • Double Doodle breed enjoys pleasing the owners.
  • Double Doodles’ coat is lush and soft.
  • Has a low-shedding ability.
  • They are very protective.

Disadvantages of Double Doodle

  • There are issues with hip dysplasia with the Double Doodle.
  • can need a lot of exercise.
  • Some people are still allergic to these dogs.
  • Social anxiety is fairly common with this cross-breed.

Double Doodle Pictures

North American Retriever Photo Golden Labradoodle puppy Double Doodle puppy photo Double Doodle for sale Double Doodle Dog Photo Cute Double Doodle Pictures

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