Mcnab Dog (McNab Shepherd)

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Dog Breed Group: Herding

Height : Females: 16-21 in Males: 18-25 in

Weight: Females: 30-50 lbs Males: 35-65 lbs

Life Span: 13-15 years

Adaptability High; but not for apartments.

Trainability Easy to Train

Friendliness McNabs are kid-friendly dogs.

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Last updated on June 9th, 2020

Mcnab Dog : All about McNab Shepherd

What is a Mcnab Dog?

McNab dog is also known as McNab Sheepdog, McNab Herding Dog, McNab shepherd or a McNab Border Collie. The McNab Shepherd is a working dog Breed.

Mcnab Dog content overview

Mcnab Dog History

The McNab shepherd was bred to withstand the tough conditions found in California such as heat, burrs, foxtails, and rugged terrain.

Alexander McNab, a Scottish rancher, abandoned his native land and came in California during the late 19th century. The McNab is thought to have been created by Alexander McNab back at the 19th century when he abandoned his native Scotland to reside in California.

Named McNab, the ranchers in California started using these dogs for herding cattle and livestock.

Today, the popularity of McNabs has circulation across the US and Canada while some of them are being used as stock dogs and sporting dogs in Germany and Japan respectively.

Different names or Types

Mcnab Dog Other names

  • McNab Herding Dog
  • McNab Stock Dog
  • The McNab Sheepdog
  • McNab Collie
  • McNab Shepherd

Recognized Names


  • Dog Registry of America = DRA

Appearance & Characteristics

The McNab is a athletic seeming to moderate puppy boasting a coat that’s usually black with white markings on feet, chests, their muzzles and the tips of the tails, even though there are white and red, and tricolour McNabs.

The McNab includes a sleek look using an alert expression in their face that is friendly. Small to moderate in size, their bodies are lean nevertheless weatherproof. Weighing around 50 lbs, operate and the McNab likes to operate.

Breed basic characteristics

Lifespan 13-15 years
Size Medium
Weight Females: 30-50 lbs
Males: 35-65 lbs
Height Females: 16-21 in
Males: 18-25 in
Category Pastoral dog, Herding dog
Coat Short, smooth
Other Names McNab Collie, McNab Sheepdog, McNab Herding Dog, McNab Stock Dog
Breed Type Purebred
Temperament Protective, obedient, friendly, hard-working, sociable
Shedding Seasonal
Color Brown, black, tricolored, white markings
Barking Occasional
Litter Size 7 puppies or less
Good with Children Yes
Hypoallergenic Unknown
Country Originated in USA
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information DRA


Possessing a urge that is territorial that is keen, its family are defended by it against any danger. Even though it’s friendly with people, it stays careful and watchful when meeting strangers.

The McNab functions than a number of the breeds when herding livestock.

Mcnab Dog Size : The McNab is a small to medium-sized dog that weighs between 25 to 50 pounds depending on the gender.

Eyes: Their have blue eyes.
Ears: Triangular ears can be either floppy.


The coat of A McNab is short- to medium-length. They’re a smart looking dog, their coats are fit to your own entire body and usually glossy. The McNab is an independent dog who isn’t adverse to care and some cuddle.

Shedding : Seasonal

Color and Markings

Dogs of this breed are red or black.

Coat Color and Markings

The McNab breed has a short or medium length coat that never becomes extended. Their coats are reddish with white markings or black with white markings. On occasion, you will discover these tri-colored.

Personality and Temperament

Personality of Mcnab Dog

They could herd animals also although McNabs are famous as cows herders. They like to be the’boss’ and therefore are happy when they get an opportunity to reveal their abilities that are herding.

They are utilized to control wild geese on golf courses and airports. They’re obedient, reliable, hardworking, and protective.

To keep them happy and healthy, the operator should supply them extensive area to conduct along with also a job to do. Not’bodily’ exercise however’psychological’ exercise also has an instrumental role in character development program.

Early training and socialization play an significant part in the character of a puppy.


The McNab is a affectionate family companion that bonds closely with its own people as well as other family pets.

McNab Shepherds need mental stimulation compared to other breeds and physical exercise. A McNab runs with its abilities and they can get restless neglected or if isolated.

McNabs are famous for the way they operate, and the way they could move stock to precisely where they need them. They’re proficient at heeling and herding inventory.

As herding dogs having been bred, the intuition in them stays robust and McNabs will herd any creature they come in a national atmosphere.

Activity Requirements

The McNab dog is no slouch, they like to run, and herd, and just mess around and may get it done for ages. The nation is ideal for this puppy, should they get lots of exercise, though they can adapt to city living.

Because dogs need additional energy need food, the size of the foods will be dependent on their age and degree of activity.

Behavioral Traits


McNabs are highly discreet dogs which means they are easy to train and love to learn new things. Puppies need to socialised and trained from a young age so they become up to well balanced adults.

Health & problems

Mcnab Dog health & problems

McNab Shepherds are dogs without a breed specific health issues. Their life span is 13–15 decades.

Generally, the breed has health problems that are genetic. A McNab may have problems with hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s disorder, epilepsy,’Cherry eye’ or nictitans gland prolapse, droopy eyes, sagging, main lens luxation, or lids curled inwards. Assess teeth and its ears and consult with a vet for vaccinations. From the vet help keep the dog’s health.

McNabs are usually healthy and powerful, but might sometimes suffer eye problems like main lens luxation (a hereditary condition which leads to disintegration of the corneal lens) or”cherry eye” (the protrusion of the inner cheek on the outer surface of the eyeball).

Feeding Plan

Like dogs, you need to concentrate on supplying your McNab with high quality food.

Even though you are able to nourish your McNab dog dry foods, then you might provide it food comprising legumes, poultry, mackerel, and organ meats together with sweet potato, brown rice, barley, apples, carrots, and pumpkin.

Living conditions

Apartment dwelling isn’t advised since McNabs require a great deal of exercise. These puppies will be in a house with a great deal of area to permit them to run free.

How to take care of Mcnab Dog?

How much exercise need for Mcnab Dog?

McNabs will call for a lot of exercise, and are energy as herding dogs.

A secure area, rather with a river or lake, to operate around, are an perfect home for the puppy. You ought to take the dog For those who have little space.

The McNab, having an energetic and smart breed, necessitates physical actions as far as psychological stimulation.

Grooming & Brushing

The coat is moderate or short, but not long. Regular brushing and bathing are sufficient to keep health and the appearance of the dog. Every 2-3 weeks, nails may have to be trimmed.

Brushing helps develop a bond between your furry friend and you. It lets you check around for sore body components accidents, and flea infestation.

Love & affection

However, it’d really like to become part of the household. McNabs are famous for their devotion towards their owners.

But they may be readily trained since they like to obey orders and obey their proprietor. Additionally, because they hate being filthy, they like to groom themselves.

These dogs enjoy and love sports which involve herding trials, obedience, monitoring, and agility.

Feed Healthy food

Because dogs need more energy need food, the size of the foods will be dependent on their age and degree of activity.

Like dogs, you need to concentrate on supplying your McNab with high quality food whether it’s dry or moist.

Even though you are able to nourish your McNab pet foods that are dry, you might provide it home-cooked food including organ meats, salmon, tuna, and legumes together with barley, brown rice, sweet potato, apples, carrots, and pumpkin.

The following items should never be feed to Mcnab Dog
  • Grapes or raisins
  • Chocolate, coffee, or tea
  • Alcohol, beer, wine or liquor
  • Poultry bones
  • Salt & salty foods
  • Onions, chives, and garlic
  • Moldy or spoiled food of any kind
  • Tomato leaves stem or unripe fruit
  • Yeast dough

Puppy information

Mcnab Dog Puppy Training

A area, rather with river or a lake, to operate around, are an perfect home for the puppy. Early training and socialization play an essential part in a dog’s character.

When you have little space, you ought to take the dog for long walks daily. It requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.

Behavioral training

Training is important for any dog. This training is valuable for your dog. To start with, if you would like to train your pet into behavioral instruction to learn some common behavioral problems like breaking up, aggression, food guarding, crying, mouthing and chewinggum, separation anxiety, etc and prevent this behavioral problems and educate your dog easily.

Obedience training

Basic obedience commands allow you to keep track of your Mcnab Dog, prevent some behavioral issues, and help with grooming.

Obedience training is all time appropriate outing as it enables your Mcnab Dog dog to study their social skills and show off their enthusiasm for life. With proper training, they can excel in canine sports, such as obedience and rally, and they can make good therapy dogs.


Early training and socialization play a significant part in a dog’s character. A McNab’s owner ought to be determinant to restrain it and powerful. Endurance and his way of life should match your dog’s energy requirements.

Mcnab Dog puppies for sale

How much Mcnab Dog puppy price ?

McNab Average puppy price is $700 – $1000 USD.

Mcnab shepherd puppies for sale

Things to consider adopting a Mcnab Dog

If you’re seriously considering adopting a Mcnab Dog, you should know.

  • Before you adopt a Mcnab Dog dog, consider how much time your new family member will spend alone. Remember, a puppy requires constant attention.
  • Before you adopt a puppy, ask yourself if you are available to walk your dog several times throughout the day.
  • You also have the advantage of knowing that your dog is physically able to “hold it” for several hours at a stretch.
  • Ask anybody who has adopted an adult dog then after adopts an adult dog.
  • If you’re unsure of whether the new dog you’ve chosen is right for your family and lifestyle, consider fostering before making a commitment.

Advantages of Mcnab Dog

  • McNabs are kid-friendly dogs.
  • They are very protective.
  • Mcnab Dog is that this intelligent
  • Mcnab Dog breed enjoys pleasing the owners

Disadvantages of Mcnab Dog

  • McNabs don’t do well with allergy sufferers by causing allergic reaction.
  • Not good for novice owners
  • McNab is not the best dog breed for office environment.

Mcnab Dog Pictures

Cute Mcnab Dog photo McNab Shepherd photo McNab Collie photo Mcnab Dog for sale Mcnab Dog puppy photo Mcnab Dog photo


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